Normative Management

From a System Governance perspective  (Organization Cybernetics) , the purpose of Normative Management is the effective definition of management functions and ensure the efficacy of these functions considering changing environmental conditions in order to sustain viability.


Normative Management Functions:

  • Defines the organization’s overall vision, mission and strategy
  • Establishes its ground rules.
  • It defines  the organization’s strategic direction from those recommended to it by strategic management.
  • Develops policies 
  • Develop strategic  goals,
  • Provides the means of enforcing the rules, changes organizational structure as required, and monitors the tension between the demands of current operations (operational management) and future preparedness (strategic management), and determines when and how to shift the balance from one to the other

Normative Management Function Efficacy:

With respect to Transformation Analysis  key objective is to ensure that functions are in place and to determine the efficacy of these functions keeping in consideration potential, resilience and viability.